Making the most of your bar date

If you are looking for a casual  spot for your first date, the bars are a go to option. The dim lights and the comfortable hum of noise provide a relaxing atmosphere. It can also help calm down your nerves especially if you are drinking a little bit of wine to go with the flow. A majority of bartenders have seen all kinds of dates from the ones which involved deep conversation to some which might end up in disaster. As a result they have learnt quiet a few things. Whether you are planning to meet attend the match or going on a blind date the following is a bit of advice from the bartender’s at Kallungar bars.


Why set up a date at Kallungar bars

When you are sitting at the bar with your date you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying on the conversation all the time. The juke box blaring out music would allow you to sit in comfortable silence and enjoy the beats while you drink a glass of chilled wine. You wouldn’t have to worry about starting a new topic every now and then to keep your date busy. If you do run out of topics to talk about you can always sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

Your bartender would also be able to help you because they can chat you up and can make sure that the conversation doesn’t like linger. You can be pretty much social which makes meeting a new person for a date less intimidating. You can even consider thinking up of a few good topics to talk about.

However before considering a date at the bar it is important that you have eaten something so that you do not get wasted on the first date only and spoil the impression. This is because the drinks hit you a real bad especially if you haven’t eaten in hours.

In order to make sure that your date is successful you have to pay attention to the person you have asked out. You simply don’t want others pitying them just because you lost interest. This is actually in very bad taste. Even if you are not having a good time it is important to keep the polite conversation going and then not invite them a second time around instead of making them feel bad about themselves.

Make sure that you have put your phone away and all other distractions should be kept minimum. If you have enjoyed yourself on the date and would like to meet the for a second time it is important that you exchange information and get their phone number. It says a great deal about you and also cast a good impression.

It is also important that you treat your bartender well. Being nicer creates a great first impression and if you act all entitled it can be quiet  unattractive. Make sure that you keep all of these things in mind when you do a search for bars in Kallangur.

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