Importance of Custom ID Cards

A variety of reasons are behind the implementation of custom ID cards for any workplace. Being able to identify the workers through custom ID cards is important for securing the workplace. Custom ID cards may look little and simple, but they contain all details about a worker’s name, department, and job title. The photograph feature of custom ID cards allows for instant and easy identification during working hours.

Custom ID cards can either use a lanyard to be worn around the neck or clipped as a badge. While the idea of wearing ID cards is not appreciated by some workers, its importance to the workplace and the worker is tremendous. Here’s why custom ID cards have become one of the most important means of identification in the workplace.


Safety and security

Threats to the security of the workplace are, unfortunately, very real today. A company opting for customised ID cards provides extra safety and security precautions for all in the workplace. Access restrictions to some areas and equipment in the workplace are one of the best benefits provided by ID cards.

Ensuring that only the people allowed to certain areas and equipment are checked by the use of ID cards. Security is further strengthened with the restrictions imposed by ID cards.


Theft prevention

Valuable items such as expensive equipment and computers are contained in many workplaces. The use of custom ID cards lessens the risk of theft with the restricted access imposed on some of the workers. Tracing the culprit should theft occur in the workplace is easier with the information provided by the ID card. The ID card identifies the person/s entering or leaving the building at the time the theft happened.


Easy identification

Workers moving to a new department or a new position are easier to identify by their ID cards. Meeting new workers is an easier task with their photos and names emblazoned on ID cards. Workplace relationships and morale get a boost with the visible ID cards worn by colleagues.


Boost customer relationships

Employee-client relationships are boosted with highly visible ID cards. Clients prefer to know the names of the employee they are talking to and the best way for them to put a name to a face is the ID card. Customers are seen to be relaxed and at ease when they call an employee by the name on the ID card. This creates a positive boost to business customer relationships.


Access to special discounts and deals

Companies and businesses are likely to negotiate some special discounts and deals. For instance, a contracting company can get special prices from suppliers with their constant bulk orders. The special offers can also be extended to the employees of the company. And the easiest way for an employer to avail of special deals is by presenting their company ID card.

Access to special discounts and deals is one of the best ways a company can indirectly boost the morale of their employees.


Time card at the same time

Custom ID cards encoded with magnetic stripes can function as a time card at the same time. Keeping tabs on the working hours of workers is easier done when logging in for work is by using the ID card. The magnetic stripe can also function as a cashless payment scheme to use for purchasing meals in the cafeteria.


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